From Pordenone 750 soldiers are training in Bulgaria.  NATO mission is 100 kilometers from the Russian fleet

Pordenone – from Friuli to the border with Eastern Europe. Tanks of the 132nd Ariete Brigade are conducting training in Bulgaria, about a hundred kilometers from the Black Sea, where…

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Pordenone – from Friuli borders Eastern Europe. Tanks from 132nd Ariete Brigade training in BulgariaAbout a hundred kilometers from the Black Sea is where the Russian fleet is moving. These days they are training on a large scale, with US Army Apache helicopters flying over the area. that it A training mission commissioned by NATO On the European side it is exposed to the east, but in reality There are 750 soldiers guarding the border Led by Colonel Mariano Rocco Scandura, commander of the 132nd Tank Regiment and the Forward Land Forces Battle Group itself, this is the name of the Italian-led multinational unit deployed in Bulgaria. Novo Selo is the headquarters of one of eight multinational battle groups that NATO is strengthening to deter NATO's Eastern Front. The Bulgarian mission joins the missions in Hungary and Romania, where there is no Italian presence. This will not be a short-term mission, so much so that soldiers of the 32nd Turiano Tank Regiment will replace Cordenones' tank drivers in August: the last time their vehicles were deployed for deterrence duties was 22 years ago in Kosovo. On that occasion they did not fire a single shot.

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Mission of Italian soldiers in Bulgaria

The men also come from other brigades, such as the 9th Pinerolo Infantry, to which the armored Centaurs of the 5th Centaur in Aosta are attached. Yesterday, the Mediaset crew proposed a report interviewing Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Maracciolo, commander of the tanker Cordenones. Head of the working group. As Training Director, he takes care of the daily activities that allow integration with various foreign structures, because in addition to the Italians, in Novi Selo there are units from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Turkey, Montenegro and the United States. States. “These are activities that allow us to increase integration with NATO armies,” he explained. Behind him are displayed tracked vehicles, guns and a sample of all the combat vehicles of the Italian Army, from the Ariete tank to the Dardo and Vbm Freccia, and infantry fighting vehicles. There is no shortage of Centaur armored vehicles, engineering equipment and transmissions.

Captain Anastasia Abbess

Armored company led by Captain Anastasia Abbess, who has 80 male and female soldiers from the 132nd Arete Battalion and the 11th Bersaglieri Regiment under his command. Yesterday they focused on tactical defensive activities, especially in the offensive stages. The Italian tankers operate on board the main combat platform, the C1 “Ariete” tank.Which was published for the first time after the ancient Babylonian mission in Iraq on a foreign mission. “The NATO mission carried out by the National Unity – as we read in the memorandum in which the Army announced the training mission just over a month ago – is an action of a defensive nature, proportionate and fully consistent with NATO’s international commitment. ».

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