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A real bite, partly predictable, but not at the levels it hit next: In Menton, property taxes are increasing by 22%.

The municipal council, in order to deal with budget problems, approved by the mayor himself, had approved, last spring, a maneuver that would help the municipal coffers to recover through a 15% increase in the foncière tax: this decision was known over time and was made Informed and justified by the new mayor, Yves Joel.

What the residents of the border town did not imagine, and that the increase would have an effect on another decision, this time by the government: increase the base for calculating the tax on housing by 3.4%.
This creates a multiplier effect and the taxi foncière has already increased for the municipal part by 17.5%.

Then there are other items that increase taxes, such as the proportion of the share allotted to the Carf, Communauté d’Agglomération de la Riviera Française to Gemapi, the tax that finances the reconstruction of the territory after Storm Alex. However, they will not increase the litter tax.

As a result, the foncière taxi will be 25% saltier, thus eliminating the Tax d’Habitation, a tax that has not disappeared on real estate owned by foreign nationals. For many Italian second home owners in Citron City, this is really bad news.

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