France: A novelty in Callahan

To “protect the turbulence”, access to the small beaches of Sukidan and the Fallen Stones and their immediate surroundings will be limited to 400 visitors a day, typically 2,500 visitors to the center of the summer, every Sunday from July 10 to August 21, on Sundays, June 26 and July 3.

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LBooking for access, two streams in Marseille, opened on Thursday at the site of Calangus National Park on Thursday, restricting only 400 people a day from coming to these fragile Mediterranean natural sites this summer, the first time in France.

“Sukidan and Fallen Stones creeks fall victim to a very significant event of soil erosion due to overcrowding.

To “preserve the tide”, access to the smaller beaches of Sukidan and the Fallen Stones and their immediate surroundings will be limited to 400 visitors a day, usually 2,500 visitors on Sunday, June 26 and July 3 in the center of the summer. Every day from July 10 to August 21.

Reservations are free and can be made on the Calanques National Park website or in the application form, only for five persons per file, from three days before the desired date and until 6:00 pm the day before. No reservation is required for children under the age of three. They are on the site and on the same day is impossible.

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By Thursday afternoon, more than 300 seats had already been booked, Park told AFP, “with a large crowd within the first half hour of bookings opening.” “Ideally, there will be some places to book the day before,” a park spokesman said.

Since mid-May, for the first time in a French national park, the park has been engaged in an extensive communication campaign through posters and social media to inform the public about these new booking methods.

Agents will be on the access road to the culvert through the bush throughout the summer to inform visitors of the need for a visit permit before reaching the QR code checkpoints.

Its purpose is to “control the erosion of pine forests, protect the soil and maintain the ability to restore this mythical landscape.” Thus avoiding the “irreversible process” while at the same time “rebuilding can take centuries”.

If there is a restriction in the booked area, those who do not have a ticket will be fined 68 euros.


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