Paola tunde to Guevara after leaving Tokyo

Mexico City.

Paola Espinosa pointed out that Ana Gabriela Guevara, director of the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports (Kunade), is responsible for ensuring that she and Melanie Hernandez do not reach the diving team that will represent Mexico at the Olympics. Tokyo 2020 games.

Espinosa explained that Guevara began his persecution after the diver did not support Konadé after the investigations conducted by the Ministry of Public Administration in February 2020 on the organism due to irregularities in the allocation and verification of 50.8 million pesos from the trust fund. For high-performance sports (FODEPAR).

They wanted me to post a letter explaining why I didn’t want Vodebar to disappear, but I didn’t because the president (Andres Manuel López Obrador) said they wouldn’t leave us without support, and that it would just go away,” said Prickly. “I didn’t want to set my hands on fire in this suit, it wasn’t mine.”

Paula and Melanie secured a place for Mexico on the 3-meter Synchronized Podium at the Dive World Cup Tokyo 2021 in May. Espinosa said they were told that was why both of them would actually get their spot in Tokyo 2020, but it wasn’t: they had to compete in a national selection.

However, in this technical control, they both took third place (259.20 points), that is, finally, behind Carolina Mendoza and Dolores Hernandez (1, 283.50) and Paula Pineda and Arantexa Chavez (2, 267.30).

Paula said that, before taking control, she sought to contact Anna and the Mexican Swimming Federation, but did not get a response; I went to COM to speak with the president, Carlos Padilla, an act that, according to the diver, upset Guevara.

They (Conade and FMN) told me COM was the one who didn’t want to give us the place, but in COM they told me they were just waiting for the union to confirm the names. Later, Luz María Chávez, a Conade collaborator, told me: “You know you made a mistake when you went to COM, the director didn’t like it at all,” he confirmed.

The two-time Olympic medalist was one of the first to support Anna when she won the Konadi in 2018. “She was my idol, but she left me with a bad taste in my mouth.”

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idle kick: ANA

In an interview with a radio station, Guevara said: “Sports are measured by brands, ratings, times, judgment, and in this case, unfortunately you did not favor (Paula) and I will not go into rumors about what happened saying.”

“I respect her as an athlete, and I know her as one of the great athletes in this country,” he added. I have always known the standards, and this annoyance seems to me to be an idle kick, because it was not in her favour (technical control).”


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