Missed shirt premiere: Bulgarian champions slow down his innocuous side - 1. FC Nuremberg

– 2nd Test match, 1st defeat: On the way to training camp in South Tyrol, harmless 1. FC Nuremberg 0:3 (0:1) against Bulgarian series champion Ludgorez Ragrad gives the idea that there is still a lot to do in Natz-Sciaves .

The day of arrival at the week-long training camp in South Tyrol was bumpy for the pros from 1. FC Nürnberg. As the team bus was stuck in traffic, the test match in St. Johann, Austria, against Ludogorez Razgrad, could start only half an hour late.

Then the game itself turned into a rather difficult relationship. “Before the training camp, we want to see what we can and can’t do and which players fit into the different systems,” declared Robert Klaus. Based on these findings, the head coach wanted to “get into the details and fine-tune”. Even if test matches in this early stage of preparation are of little importance, especially against an opponent who is about to start the season, there seems to be a lot to do for Klaus and the Natz-Shapps footballers.

Not the first appearance of Kwadwo Duah

As in the first test with regional league team Viktoria Aschaffenburg (2-0), all currently available field players were able to prove themselves for 45 minutes at Koasa Stadium. New player Kwadwo Duah, however, had to be patient: the striker, who came from FC St. Gallen only on Friday, trained individually with the recovering Felix Lokembere on nearby ground. Meanwhile, ailing Leno Templeman (knee irritation) tried his hand with great success as an associate commentator for the club’s own TV show.

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The nearly three-hour bus ride seemed to put something on the edge of the club’s professionals. The Bulgarian series champions dominated from the start against a Nuremberg team that looked very smart in their new shirts, but couldn’t keep up with the stylish look in terms of play.

It only took eight minutes to get his first good chance, but Nathaniel Brown hit a ball with his back into the corner. Shortly thereafter, the Perspective’s young left-back had to be treated briefly after a foul – and the opponent quickly used Nuremberg’s human power to his advantage. After a cross from the left, the free-standing AS Delef headed past goalkeeper Christian Matinha in the far corner (9′). Then, Ragrad, who had recently lost 1-1 to Spielvereinigung Greuther Fürth, went on to beat Nürnberg’s right-back and set up a dangerous goal in the penalty area. Direct acceptance from Alex Santana missed the goal (13).

The outstanding offensive actions of the second-tier mixed first-half team, which were marked by many small interruptions, were not remembered, also because forwards Manuel Scheffler and Manuel Wentzheimer were rarely able to secure the balls in front. On the other hand, duels were very difficult at times. Shortly before the break, a Bulgarian intervention against Braun created a package in the Nuremberg penalty area.

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In the second half, the nerves calmed down again, and the fully formed eleventh team presented itself more actively and with more training towards goal. 17-year-old Niklas Jan’s shot was turned away before the line (47), and Eric Churanov missed with a deflected shot from the Bulgarian goalkeeper (59). On the other hand, Karl-Klaus Mathias prevented Tesira from achieving a 2-0 win (71) by defending his foot, and he also made a strong save in one match against Cole Souza (74). In the 78th minute, Matteña’s representative was helpless when Claude Konsalves gratefully accepted the gift after a misunderstanding between Fabian Nurnberger and Christopher Schindler and shot it precisely at close range. A last minute counterattack gave Ludogorez a 3-0 lead by Rick Jonathan.

“The opponent is already much further away, you can see that. They also played with their best 11. They played their first Champions League qualifier in ten days,” said Klaus, but he also honestly admitted: “Obviously we were less Our affair in the first half, we have to admit that and we’re going to work on that too. I think it was still a good test that gives us homework for training camp.”

Nuremberg first half: Matinia – Giamera, Hubner, Sorensen, Braun – Jess, Kastrup – Doman, Wentzheimer, Elek – Schaeffler / the other half: Klaus – Valentini, Schindler, Fofana, Craftsman – Schleimer, Nurnberger, Jan, Wiekeser – Phonic, Shuranov / rip: 0:1 Delev (9), 0:2 Consalves (78), 0:3 Jonathan (90).

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