Bernat devrait reprendre la compétition en septembre, indique L'Equipe

Paris Saint-Germain will play, on Saturday morning, its second friendly match in preparation for the 2021-2022 season against Chamblee at the Camp de Loge. This is with several absentees (Find the group here), including Juan Bernat. The 28-year-old left-back, who injured his knee in September 2020 and had surgery, has been able to return to work. But it still takes time and the team He explains that it will likely be necessary to wait until September to see him again in the game.

“The Spaniard is doing well after having surgery on his left knee (September) that was complicated by an infection. But the former Munich player will have to work another month or so in training in order to find a good rhythm. He is due to return to competition in September, Almost a year or so later, after he was injured.”

Be warned, the sports paper is not the most authoritative about the inner life of PSG and the timing announced here will not necessarily be fully respected. However, this is also not crazy. Bernat is back, but it takes time and work to be in perfect shape and avoid another injury. It is important not to rush so that the Spanish team can help PSG especially for most of the season.

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