Trump prepares for the declaration of 2024, he will run for the White House:
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Expected movement in mid-November. Applying again can save him from being investigated

Get ready, whatever I tell you. Prepare yourself. Donald Trump The crowd greeted Thursday evening In one of the last four rallies of the elections mid-term:
It was in one of the most conservative Iowa areas, as the local Republican candidates didn’t particularly need his help to win. But the gathering was less Regarding the November 8 elections And even more so with the great challenge that begins immediately: Iowa is a state to which anyone who wants to run for the presidency of the United States often goes, being the first gathering for the party nomination (and in 2016 Trump narrowly lost to Ted Cruz).

The former president has been preparing for some time to officially announce his taking the field to try Return to the White House in 2024; It is said that his advisors had to prevent him from doing so before November 8. Planned date It now appears November 14, The site was the first to write yesterday Axios. As with everything related to business, there is a percentage of unpredictability, but the US media reports that since that week his employees have begun to block event dates across the country. The strategy of anticipating potential competitors, especially the most fearsome,
Florida Governor Ron DeSantisAnd the
Uninvited to the meeting tomorrow in Florida, lobbying for the endorsement of Republican leaders. I raced twice and won twiceTrump argued in Sioux City, Iowa, accusing President Joe Biden of stealing his 2020 victory. Now to make the country a winner, safe, and glorious, it’s very, very likely to do it again.

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Some of his advisors think it is useful to formally announce the candidacy before anyone else
Possible indictment by the Ministry of Justice
. there Several separate investigations Against him, linked to the assault on Congress on January 6, 2021, with forfeiture Top secret documents He was discovered and held at his Florida residence, on a tax return that was never made public. The Department of Justice does not expect an indictment against an incumbent president, nor does the same apply to any candidate. But announcing that running will help make it look like a politically motivated move.

according to

Washington PostAnd the
The ex-president is considering a Mar-a-lago property in Florida to advertise, but is advised to choose a state in the balance. Trump is still popular with 81% of Republicans, but not everyone thinks he is the best candidate to win in 2024.

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