For the first time, the European Union imposes sanctions on Russian gas: the fourteenth package OK.  “But it will affect a maximum of 2 billion.”

The European Union has reached an agreement on the fourteenth package of sanctions against Russia. These are historical restrictions: For the first time, Brussels decided to target the import of Russian gas, as announced by the rotating Belgian presidency of the European Union. However, this is not a border gas blockade, given what has happened in several European countries […]

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European Union An agreement has been reached on Fourteenth sanctions package In the Russia. These are historical restrictions: for the first time, Brussels I decided to target import Russian gasAs announced by the Belgian rotating presidency of the European Union. However, this is not a border gas blockade, since many European countries are still largely dependent on gas supplies. He flies. The ban will mainly concern EU ports that will not be able to resell liquid natural gas (liquefied natural gas) Russia after its arrival in the European Union, in addition to obstructing the financing of the Arctic and Baltic stations planned by Russia.

This is not a complete concession, as mentioned, but it would still have to overcome a veto by some member states. Among these there is not only the usual Hungarywhich opposed this new package for weeks, as it did on all other occasions in light of its memorandum Energy dependence From Moscow. There is, too Germany It was disruptive. But it is not a matter of principle: from what has been reported, the government Schulz He opposed the clause preventing foreign companies that bought European goods, even for civilian use, from reselling them to Russia. For Berlin, this could have caused a crisis Serious damage to companies for various national states. The advisor then only half-denied the recklessness, saying: “We are looking for the most realistic approach possible” to the 14th package of sanctions.

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In the end, the German position paid off. Negotiators surrendered to Berlin's concerns by canceling this clause, pending study of the potential effects on European companies. But Hungarian approval came by obtaining guarantees regarding European intentions not to impose sanctions on the expansion of its countries. Pakse II Nuclear Power Plant With Russian support.

This clause affects a small proportion of gas imported from the EU, with Russian gas now reduced to 5%, which is equivalent in absolute terms. 8 billion euros. However, not all of them will be subject to sanctions, since if used for national needs, their import is permitted. In fact, it is estimated that these new sanctions will affect at most a quarter of the total, that is, barely. 2 billion euros.

However, another proposal is still under discussion to apply sanctions on Russia in the event of an attempt to bypass it Belarus. And Germany only Franceaccording to what he writes Politician Confirming Schultz's position a few days ago, they blocked these plans for fear that they would have an impact on sales of luxury goods.

But with today's decision, the European Union sends a new signal and takes a new step in the process of imposing sanctions against Russia. Until today, gas has never been the subject of restrictions, while strict bans have already affected its exports Petroleum And coal. But because Western efforts to deplete Moscow's fossil fuel revenues are insufficient, European policy now aims to strike at the EU by attacking it over LNG.


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