FC Bayern: Lucas Hernandez is serving a prison sentence

D.FC Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez faces up to six months in prison. The Frenchman is due to appear before Criminal Court 32 next Tuesday in the Spanish capital, where he wants to serve his sentence. According to the Spanish sports newspaper AS, he has ten days to start custody. Judicial spokesman says if Hernandez does not hold the appointment, he will be advertised for a search. On Wednesday, FC Bayern face the Champions League match against Benfica in Lisbon.

This is about an incident that happened in February 2017. The girlfriend of the now 25-year-old professional footballer at the time had to be treated by a doctor in front of her home after a violent argument on the street. Both were banned for six months for social service and contact and proximity. However, a few months later, the couple reconciled, got married and went on a honeymoon together; Now they have a baby. But in the eyes of the Spanish judiciary, Lucas Hernandez violated the ban; It is still in practice in Spain during a reconciliation event to prevent pressure on victims.

The Bayern player must be in Madrid by October 19 and face up to six months in prison within ten days.

The Bayern player must be in Madrid by October 19 and face up to six months in prison within ten days.

Photo: Sven Simon

As a result, Hernandez was arrested shortly afterwards at Madrid’s Barajas Airport and returned. Since this order was not officially issued to her ex-partner, she was free. In December 2019, a Madrid court sentenced Hernandez to six months in prison for playing for Atletico Madrid during the controversy. Because he has a criminal record, the prison sentence cannot now be commuted to a suspended sentence.

According to press reports, the footballer’s lawyers paid Bayern Munich 80 million euros two years ago, initially demanding that the sentence be suspended. They appealed to the next high-profile event in the province of Audiencia in Madrid, however, which may take a long time. Following the request, a spokesman for FC Bayer told FAZ that the club would not comment on the case.

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