The first 53 cases, 20 more in Israel.  It could be more violent.

the Great Britain It’s back below 100,000 cases per day for the first time since December 21, so much so that we’re back in London to say goodbye to Green Pass. However, to sound a first warning on the sub variant of Omicron It is the UK’s health security agency that warned on Friday that it had traced 53 sequences of a sub-string of Omicron, called BA.2, that had been reported since December, explaining that they would be carefully monitored. Because the first 53 cases come after that already Israel Discover 20 during the genetic sequencing of Covid patients. “This variant has more mutations than Omicron and – and according to the business standard – can be more violent.” Although scientists are concerned about the new sub variant – the British tabloid reads – little is known about the risks involved.

The BA.2 sub variant was first found in China a few weeks ago, but experts suspect the mutation originated in China. India. State media Kahn reported that the sub-variable was also observed in Denmark, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

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Sub variant Omicron BA.2

The Omicron BA.2 sub-variable has already been mentioned since last December in Great Britain, to the point that it was identified as Omicron 2. The British renamed it (incorrectly) the “stealth variant” (the invisible variant) because given the 38 mutations in common with Omicron “Basic” (BA.1) is indistinguishable from the PCR tests used for statistics on the prevalence of Omicron in the world. The Times of India explained that about 80% of the cases in the city of Kolkata involved this specific subtype.

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