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Mario Götze is scheduled to complete a medical examination at Eintracht Frankfurt this Tuesday. Then there was not only the manuscript. The cost to the world champion is significantly lower than initially expected.

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There are personal details that drag on for weeks and months. For example Philip Gostic and his Italian ambitions. Although Gostic often agrees with Juventus Turin: No green light yet. As fans of Eintracht Frankfurt praised Gaza Mario Gotze. It was only last Friday that the Kotse thing first appeared in the media. Does Godse, who shot Germany with his goal to win the World Championship in 2014, really fit in? Four days later it was over. Götze signed a contract in Frankfurt until 2025. He is due for a medical examination on Tuesday afternoon. High speed transmission.

On social media, Eintracht fans – in addition to some critical voices – are very positive about Götze’s move to Eintracht. The people of Frankfurt will once again realize what progress they have made in recent years. Götze zur Eintracht, a message that seems almost normal would have been a dream three or four years ago. But fans are particularly curious about what: Godse did not spend large sums on Hessians.

Benfica paid the highest salary

The 30-year-old is said to be earning three to three and a half million euros a year in Frankfurt, so he is not one of the highest earners. Transfer fees are also acceptable. According to hr-sport, Eintracht PSV Eindhoven only need to change three million euros. And no – as originally announced – four million euros. Almost a bargain.

Benfica is said to have cheated the Lisbon Coats by paying too much. But the former Dortmund chose the path to return to the Bundesliga: to Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt.

Agreement on strong performance for Götze

If Götze and Eintracht win again in the 2022/23 season, Götze will have to pay a bonus. His contract is performance related. Eintracht will be happy to accept such payments. These should be paid only if successful. Or is it in this case: payment is allowed. Say when you reach a place in the European Cup in the Bundesliga or advance in the Champions League. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. So they can live in Frankfurt.

The medical examination, the signing of the contract, and the Götze in the SGE jersey are all waiting to be completed. If the latter happens at a press conference, Indrakt may place a few chairs in the press conference room. When Götze, the 2014 world champion producer, returns to the Bundesliga two years later, public interest will increase accordingly. However, delivering Götze on the big stage on Tuesday is often impossible.

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