Vor der Rückkehr in seine alte Heimat: Antoine Griezmann steht vor dem Wechsel von Barcelona zu Atlético Madrid.

French world champion Antoine Griezmann will return to Spanish champions Atletico Madrid two years later. Like the French sports newspaper Team According to the report, the Star striker from FC Barcelona will initially be credited to Atletico. Then there is the option to buy. Griezmann moved to Barcelona in 2019 for 120 million. But he really couldn’t make his best performance in Madrid. There have been repeated speculations about the 30-year-old leaving, especially as the Catalans squeeze out a debt of 1. 1.2 billion. Now they can at least save their salary.


Barசாa have threatened to drop another star after six-time world footballer Lionel Messi visited Paris Saint-Germain in the summer. The transfer of Emerson Royal to English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur brings in another மில்லியன் 25 million.

Chrismann had his most successful time in Madrid. He scored 94 goals in 180 league games. He could not get close to this success rate in Barcelona. In addition, he won the Europa League with coach Diego Simeone’s team in 2018 and reached the Champions League final in 2016.

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