Strong tensions around Rudigar after a controversial penalty at the end of the match

Chelsea narrowly dominated Leeds (3-2) after a penalty shootout at Stamford Brigade in the Premier League on Saturday, the 16th. Antonio Rudiger of Germany has won 2 times for Chelsea.

Already, at the start of the match, he was the one who pushed Rabinha to the wrong (58th). In two key actions in the second half, Rudiger hit Leeds on the wire (3-2), in deep confusion. Climbing ahead in extra time, the German defender contacted Clichy at the entrance to the penalty area (90th + 4). The referee of the meeting did not hesitate even for a second and immediately pointed out the penalty spot.

Light touch on Rudigar
Light touch on Rudiger © RMC Sport

The contact seemed to be very light, but it was not defeated with the help of video, and Jorgenho gave Chelsea their eleventh Premier League victory.

Public fighting was avoided for some time

The circumstances of the meeting, which were generously awarded to Chelsea with a decisive penalty, made the end of the game at Stamford Bridge even more tense. The final moments of the match were especially hot at the corner post, and Antonio Rudiger joined the final whistle fight as usual. Continuous clashes may have turned into a common fight, but Romelu Lukaku was still on the bench at kick-off time, and other players rushed towards the scrum.

Thomas Duchess, upset by his side’s Champions League draw earlier this week, feared the clash against Leeds. And the scene of the match almost proved him right. But despite Chelsea slipping to the top of their team in the final moments against Zenit St Petersburg, this time the Blues had the last word.

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