For a colorful balcony and a vibrant garden, we need to grow this wonderful, versatile and wonderful plant.

If we want a garden or balcony strewn with color and liveliness, we can not do without dahlias. In fact, these plants can’t be missing in the collection for an open space that proves summer. Flowers of many shapes and sizes are the perfect combination of color and fragrance.

In this little guide ProiezionidiBorsa will reveal why a colorful balcony and vibrant garden need to grow this curious, versatile and wonderful plant.

Some little curiosity about the dahlia

dahlias plants from a thousand faces. Simple, daisy-like or bulbous-shaped flowers: There are many forms of dahlias that make them lively. Its colors are also interesting: red and yellow but also many shades on the petals. In fact, these can also be two-colored.

The dahlia, a plant native to Mexico, has flowers تتميز flower headsAnd the Supported by straight, symmetrical stems that explode in different colours. It is also a herbaceous plant with large leaves with a whole or serrated edges of a very dense green color. Dahlia bulb is intended for decorative use in flower beds, gardens and terraces. However, it is not recommended to grow this plant indoors because its characteristics do not make it suitable for the walls of the house, instead it prefers sunlight and warm temperatures.

How do you grow it in pots?

For a colorful balcony and a magnificent garden, the ideal solution would be to choose dwarf dahlias. It will be interesting to see small plants light up in bright colors by making small compositions in the corners of the balcony. Just choose a sunny location and 30 cm pots. At this point, all that remains is to use the soil for the flowering plants and some clay at the bottom of the pot. The plant tolerates heat very well. The important thing is that the soil is well drained and that the soil is not dry to the touch.

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Yes to water, but pay attention to how. In fact, it is better to water it daily, but the important thing is that water stagnation does not form and the leaves do not get wet. To ensure flowering until autumn, it will be useful to cut off dried leaves and flowers.
The three most popular types of dwarf dahlias are Melody dahlias, Mignon dahlias, and Gallery dahlias. All that remains is to learn about these wonderful types of plants. That’s why we have a colorful balcony and a lively garden, we need to grow this wonderful, versatile and wonderful plant.


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