WWE RAW: Compensates for money in the big E bank

We already know that Bobby Lashley is going to defend his WWE title against Randy Orton on the WWE RAW episode on September 13th, but the big surprise is that Big E decided to intervene in the crowd.

In fact, at the beginning of the show Big E announced that he was going to cash his money into the bank box, who is going to be the champion and how the competition is going to end. As promised, Big E got paid in his briefcase after the match and he became the new WWE Champion!

Lashley Orton calculated his spear and three using an EVP diversion. After the game, he hit Orton and injured his knee. That’s when Big E showed the money in his briefcase. After resisting Lashley’s spear, Big E stood up and made him the big winger of three and became the new WWE Champion!

The show ended with a new day celebration, which ends in Raw and won the Big E WWE World title for the first time!

Big E spoke shortly after the show ended on RAW Talk on the WWE Network, making his first comments shortly after the win. Big E says he feels better after this big time. He gets bored thinking about what he experienced. He adds:

I will always remember the three of us struggling to stay on screen. We did wonderful things. I have grown as a person and as a wrestler, thanks to them. Glad it took a long time to become a champion because it deserved it. […] I am living the dream of being a champion and my best friends have come to celebrate with me. When I was an old man ready to join the demons, I get flashbacks of this moment.

Big E concluded today by saying that he is very grateful to be the champion in front of all his pre-stage colleagues.

Photo credit: WWE

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