How much is an owl coin worth?  The answer leaves you unable to speak

Coins are one of the oldest forms of money ever and one of the most widely used to this day: they are usually round-shaped objects, developed in various metal alloys, which in almost all cases have in addition to face value also some form of representation, usually It is related to the country of origin. Even the euro, a “recently” invented currency that has only replaced previous European currencies since 2002, respects this type of tradition to the fullest, with each user country having the ability to affix it largely to their emissions of whatever they want from one side. currency with owl In fact it appears to be part of the traditions of ancient Greece and thus has been revived in a modern guise.

How much is an owl coin worth? The answer leaves you unable to speak

Even if it is not an owl, but an owl, it is a symbol associated with the Greek goddess Athena, it is already present on many ancient coins and therefore closely related to the Hellenic tradition. It’s actually acting Basic On the 1 euro coins minted by the Republic of Greece from 2002 onwards, even if it is a common problem, some examples are more interesting than others.

In fact, all 1 euro coins seem to have a lowercase S at the bottom, which for many was a source of interest-gathering, when in fact it only refers to the initials Suomi, which means nothing but Finland in Finnish. This is because it was the Helsinki mint that initially minted the coins for Greece, which were not “ready” until 2003. So, despite this S, which is in the star below, these issues are no more rare than others.

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On the other hand, 1 euro coins with an owl 2013 are more interesting, the year of which was smaller in circulation than in other years: 1 euro coin for 2013 of this type has a value of up to 15 euros if it is well preserved.


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