Be prepared for rain.  “There’s a lot we haven’t seen in a long time.”  That’s when

Even if current events tell us that the weather conditions in our country are about to change suddenly due to the arrival of Hurricane Medusa, which will bring heavy rains, thunderstorms and, above all, a significant drop in temperatures, this time our eyes are directed towards northern Europe, where the first pattern will form next week. Frost wave Snow also falls on flat areas of Russia and Scandinavia.

Medium term trend

In fact, major meteorological model maps see the frozen core descending directly from the Arctic regions, directly hitting Russia but also Sweden, Norway and Finland. “If this is confirmed, it is reasonable to expect a vertical collapse in temperatures with thermal values ​​much lower than climate averages“, explained the experts there snow It is also possible that it will reach flat levels in the Baltics as well, but flakes in Poland and Ukraine are not ruled out. We remind you that these areas are also currently witnessing a climate with temperatures higher than the climate averages for that period, with daytime values ​​of up to 20 degrees Celsius and higher locally, but in a week zero degrees can be recorded even in broad daylight.

Days of freezing air fall in between October 20 and 22, a week from now and a medium-term trend which, logically, should be confirmed. This is a clear demonstration that the Arctic regions are gradually becoming colder as autumn advances, and thus daylight hours become increasingly shorter. The frost therefore accumulates just as if it were a “tank” ready to descend into the latitude when conditions are favourable.

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Reflections on Italy

But what will happen to our country and the Mediterranean? “At this moment our country will remain Out of the gameWet Atlantic currents are likely to prevail in the Mediterranean basin over the next few weeks, bringing heavy rains not seen for a long time. Experts explain. On the other hand, in mid-late October, it is very difficult for whole waves of cold air to reach Italy, and the first freezing incursions usually begin in November.

Therefore, we still have to wait for the cold but not the rain, thunderstorms and heavy rain with umbrellas and raincoats that will have to be taken out from north to south starting from Sunday, October 15: the wave of bad weather that will become more intense especially between Monday and Thursday in the center and the north and then also in the south. .Precipitation maps show a fairly homogeneous distribution with more significant accumulations in the north and in the Tyrrhenian regions (especially Lazio and Campania): more on the margins of heavy rainfall, at the moment, only over Sicily.

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