'Don't forget the words': Nagui upset about candidate status: Current Woman Le MAG

For 15 years, Nagui has been at the helm of game show Don’t forget the wordson me France 2. Over the past few years, the host has met many candidates. Friday, June 10, 2022, Marianne, a mother of two, is the one who tries her luck against Maestro Kyle. amused, The host revealed that the young woman came to the set to declare her love. Yes, I am in love with Vianney! He doesn’t know it yet, but you never know!Surprised, Nagui – who apologized to a candidate after a bad-tempered joke – called Marianne to speak directly to the singer. Facing the camera, she said:Vianney, there you are, I’m in love. I know it’s too late, but you never know. About a misunderstanding…Not his tongue in his pocket, Melanie Page’s husband left:Yes… It’s so embarrassing, this moment.

Nagy: “Have you eaten a product before coming in?”

One of Vianney’s fan – who had already encountered fans waiting for him in the bathroom – Marianne, however, did not have the opportunity to meet him or see him on stage. And for good reason: no one wanted to accompany him! While she revealed that she hadAfraid to go aloneNagui replied:Vianney’s concerts in general are not very serious.The candidate replied:I wouldn’t leave him, it would have been dangerous for him!When asked later what she would like to treat herself to if she won €20,000, Marianne said she wanted a red car.I don’t know, I find it in red, it shows better‘I took her captive.’ Naji asked, amused.Did you eat a product before coming in?While Marianne told him he liked her, With a smile on his face, the facilitator said:But don’t, I’m not mine! The words that caused a real laugh on the filming site! Unfortunately for the young woman, the singer is not a heart to take! Since 2016, he has already shared the life of cellist Catherine Robert, whom he married on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

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