Recordings for the new version of 'Hasta que la plata nos separe' have begun, this is the cast
Sebastian Martinez and Carmen Villalobos in a new edition of Until Silver Separates Us. Photo: Instagram @canalrcn

Among the multiple TV and movie releases being made in the country, you can find any number of new stories, but also retelling of many others. For example, in 2021, the Colombian audience had a new version (a new version) of “Café con aroma de mujer” on screen; Viewers will now get a new version of another telenovela that was also broadcast on RCN:Until the money separates us.

In fact, the channel’s social media reported, Wednesday, February 23, the start of filming for the series. “We want to share some great news with you! Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe Records has started with a luxurious cast and a love story that will captivate the whole world”What is written in the aforementioned publication.

Now, in addition to counting the beginning of the recordings, this has also been learned The production will include the acting and leading work of Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Martinez, who will lead the interpretation of “Alejandra Maldonado” and “Rafael Mendes”. At the same time, other characters such as Lorna Cepeda, Julio Sanchez-Cocarro, Juliette Bardao, Fernando Arevalo, Michele Roilard and Fabian Rios also appeared in the cast.

It is worth noting that for the lead characters, in the original – which dates back to yesteryear, specifically from 2006 – it was Marcela Carvajal and Victor Hugo Cabrera who acted in the mentioned roles.

For her work on this version of ‘Hasta que la plata nos separe’, Carmen Villalobos wrote on her Instagram account: “Very happy to finally bring this wonderful project to you! Till the money do us part. I am honored to be the star of this story, the second for the great Fernando Gaitan! I hope you enjoy it a lot”. Since last January, the actress has commented that she is working on a new production, but without more information about her name, now her audience already knows.

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It should not be overlooked that the telenovela will be presented on the RCN channel, but also on Telemundo.

Carmen Villalobos will star in a new version of
Carmen Villalobos will star in a new version of “Hasta que la plata nos separe”. Photo: Instagram @cvilillaboss

Regarding the night schedule, RCN has added a music series and a new segment of the program “MasterChef Celebrity Colombia”. To speak more deeply, The series is called “I Dedicate It to You” and its focus is on popular music. In fact, Pipe Bueno, a singer of this genre, performs the role of the main actor in the story, his first appearance in this artistic field, because the guy from Cali was focused only on music. Last February 8 was the scheduled date for the launch of this production.

On the other hand, Season 4 ‘Fame’ for MasterChef. It has been on display since February 21st. As far as ratings are concerned, “I dedicate it to you” has been among the wobbles of having her name incarnated in the final places of the top ten productions with a more relevant tone or simply not appearing on said list. The gastronomic reality, at the moment, is fifth in the top 10.

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