Amal was a girl with Florent Bagni when he found out he had cancer

A very emotional moment.

We now know that Florent Bagni was on the set when he learned he had lung cancer. He was surrounded by his coaching friends, Marc Lavoine, Vianney and Amal Bent. The singer also remembered this very special moment with fondness on the show “En Aparté” on channel +. eShe returned to the circumstances of the moment when the life of the interpreter of “Savoir Aimer” changed. The four coaches were behind the scenes when Florent Bagni learned of his illness. He could have stopped recording or asked for a break, he just wanted to continue showing the strength and courage that so impressed the future mother.

We were together. True, it wasn’t easy, but I remember my friend Florent Bagni is a warrior. He went back to his chair and did what he knows how to do better than anyone else. He’s the boss. This is Mr. Florent Bagni. “

It is not known exactly when he learned of his illness, except for the programs “The Voice”, which are currently broadcasting TF1 show boss Enthusiastic I am glad to be there.

Meanwhile, Florent Bagni began his treatment without being certain of the future. He doesn’t know if he will be fit enough to make a comeback when the show turns live and if he wants to be confident about his disease progression he hasn’t yet seen what tomorrow brings. His only certainty today: the support of his friends for French music, especially his fans, who help him on a daily basis in his battle against illness.

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