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Two motorcyclists from Jharkhand, a state in eastern India, when they caught a glimpse of a mysterious figure walking by the side of the road. The video was shared by a centaur and instantly went viral on the web, reaching hundreds of thousands of views in just a few hours. According to bikers, the bizarre figure looked like an alien, worthy of an episode of the popular American TV series The X-Files. In the video, the authors of the video are shown driving on a poorly lit road, when what appears in front of them, among the comments, They immediately called him “alien”.

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The centaur then approaches an unidentified figure, who, crashing into the motorcycle headlights, turns for a moment to look at the two stunned men, before continuing his journey toward an equally indeterminate target. In the comments from all over the world strange theories were immediately launched, someone presented the hypothesis He was a ghost, and the others were, in fact, an alien. As I mentioned NEWSWEEK, will be the so-called alien Actually a completely naked woman is walking on a bridge in Hazaribagh district.

The two claimed to the local news channel Jan Dot News Who spotted a woman while traveling on the road leading from her? Chakradarpur (a town in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand) A syracilla (a city in Serikela Khurasan district of Jharkhand). The Info Channel “fact-checking” was of little use and tried to provide a logical explanation for the mysterious episode: comments from those who said they were convinced that the figure was a visit from another planet immediately began pouring into the web, or even after the supernatural. “This is not an alien, but a naked woman walking on the highway”, he wrote Arvind Chauhan, reporter from india times Who tried in an article to dismantle mystical theory.

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