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Hackers are generally seen as hooded criminals who break into other computer systems without permission. But many hackers use their technical skills to improve IT security. Whether in their spare time or as hired security experts, they take advantage of software and computer systems for vulnerabilities.

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Regardless of whether their motives are noble or reprehensible: hackers use many practical tools that make their work easier and automate attacks. Many of the tools are open source software. It’s freely available and often works under Windows. So why not reach for the hacker’s toolbox and use it to check your own systems or crack the forgotten password of a protected file? You also learn a lot about your computer.

Editors Alexander Konigstein and Sylvester Tremmel talk with moderator Keywan Tonekaboni about the hacking tools available and what to consider when using them. They also report on their own experiences, the tools they prefer and how hacking can be fun too.

With: Alexander Konigstein, Sylvester Tremmel, Kiwan Tonicapone

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