Ilke Kundogan wants Joachim Low: Leroy Sane needs rhythm

Germany lost, Leroy Sane laughs!

Can you blame him for that? Some fans do it because after the final whistle against France (0-1), the cameras caught the 25-year-old winger talking to friends and laughing. There was a hurricane on the network. Sane polarizes, but he doesn’t seem to care. (Game to read on ticker)

Anyway, there was little reason for his teammates to be happy. The European Championship kick-off receded strongly. Germany wins against Portugal on Saturday.

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What role will Sane play against the Portuguese, who won the opening game 3-0 against Hungary? Absolutely not clear!

As expected, the FC Bayer star gambled his usual spot in the last meters and had to move to the bench instead of Guy Howard.

After he was transferred in the 74th minute (to Howard), he was unable to give any impetus to the DFP game and was vague. He put a free kick towards the goal. The application letter for the starting place looks different.

Low: “Not as expected”

On the side of Antonio Rodrigues, he left the Alliance arena at 11:57 pm on Tuesday. National coach Joachim Low said a few minutes ago: “Our substitutes did not get into the game as we expected, but France defended deeply.”

It also refers to Sana.

His Joker character, in which he constantly maneuvered himself for lack of good performance, was wrong for him. This opinion is mainly held by Ilke Gundokan, one of his best friends.

SPORT1 Asked Kundok: What should happen if Sane’s EM tip explodes?

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“Leroy is a player who needs a rhythm. He needs a sense of being able to make a difference all the time. If he’s in top form, he has every chance to make a difference with us,” Kundogan said.

Himself, he made it no secret that he would have wanted to see his friend in the early XI.

“He’s a player who is not easy to come by in the last 20 minutes, then start the next game and then take off again after 60 minutes and play again for half an hour,” Kundokan says: “He has to have this self figure to play all the time.

He added: “I know him at times in Manchester. In the city, you had the feeling that there was no way around him. And so it was. There he played with a self-portrait needed for his game.

Only Sane knows the answer

There is no doubt that Sane likes a lot, but often he does not succeed enough. Is it because he lacks form? Is there a wrong attitude? Did you feel the least confidence from the national coach? Or is it a question of quality?

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Only Sane knows the answer. But it is clear that he must work primarily on his body language. If he smiles after the defeat in crisis-ridden football Germany, he should expect reactions. If he is careless in training or sport you can tell by looking at him. Not other players.

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However, Sane’s closed season is over. Love proved it in the lineup against France.

Nonetheless, Gundogan says: “I hope he gets as much time as possible to get into this rhythm. We are here to help him. We support him. We know how good he is, how good he is. Do it for him too.”

However, at some point, Sane will have to show it. Against Portugal, football Germany can make everyone laugh with its confidence.

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