It was thought to have gone extinct, but it reappeared 80 years later: scientists were left incredulous

Still some scientists are skeptical, after a startling discovery, the once thought-extinct Panesthia lata has resurfaced after 80 years.

This news surprised everyone, as it was believed that the animal in question had now disappeared from the face of the earth forever. But now, thanks to the discovery, We hope we can discover new information On the state of animal conservation e On the effects of climate change on ecosystems.

Thought to be extinct: Panesthia lata

It is a common phenomenon that Some animal species are disappearing from the Earth Throughout history, like woolly elephants or dodos. Pyrenean chamois and other species also met the same fate.

Panesthia lata –

He believed that a certain animal had disappeared forever, but in fact It was seen again after more than 80 years. Let’s find out together which animal it is.

A group of researchers made a startling discovery: cockroach that feed on wood, and are considered extinct, He will be alive and well. near Lord Howe Island. This news came as a surprise to scientists given that this species was initially thought to be such disappeared from the earth.

Researchers from the University of Sydney They announce that they have discovered insect specimens on an island located in the Tasman Sea, Midway between Australia and New Zealand. This discovery caught the attention of many, as insect species were considered extinct for several years.

The cockroach is called a wood-eating cockroach Panestia lata in the scientific field. This insect is distinguished from other similar insects because it has no wings It feeds exclusively on wood.

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In the past, many believed that this type Panestia lata It disappeared completely, but some specimens were recently discovered near the island of Hao. It all started in 1918 when it was found Two similar types To Panesthia lata, But it is different from him.

Atticus Flemingthe Chairman of the Lord Howe Island Board of TrusteesRecently, he spoke about the importance of the recent archaeological discovery on the island. Discovery is not alone Relevant from a historical point of view, but also from a genetic and evolutionary point of view.

An important discovery, a genetic aberration

there Genetic aberration It is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of organisms of the same species separate from other groups and start living in a different environment. Over time, the environmental differences Selection pressures on different populations can lead to genetic variation and production New features in these populations.

The most famous example of represents genetic driftthe Darwin’s birds Which varies according to the type of beak in the different islands, according to the types of food available in each of them. This process has been a key component of the theory of the evolution of species.

Darwin's birds


Discover those the Beatles It was very important because they had it Critical role in the ecological balance of the island. They perform an important function of recycling nutrients and contribute to the health of the existing ecosystem. So their presence allows you Ensure the protection of the territoryHoping to keep the life of the place intact.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island –

We are very Interested in knowing more information Regarding this particular type of cockroach. Probably expertsSydney University They will continue to research it further in the coming months or weeks.

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