Angelique Gerber after Sarah Sorbes defeated Tormo in the third round

Eventually, Angelique Gerber’s tension was released in a tremendous relief: the pain in the battered hand, a poisonous opponent and a great victory. (Wimbledon 2021: Schedule and Results)

After one of the best matches of his career, Keeley’s 33 – year – old Alexander Sverev advanced to the third round of Wimbledon.

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Despite an apparently damaged wrist in the third set, Gerber defeated Spaniard Sarah Soribes 7: 5, 5: 7, 6: 4 after 3:20 hours. Sverev walked easily on English soil with a score of 7: 5, 6: 2, 6: 3 and knocked down Dennis Sandgreen (USA).

Wimbledon ended early for Petkov

In contrast, Andrea Petkovich’s journey ended early. The Dormstad-based woman lost in the second round to French Open champion Barbora Grijikova (Czech Republic) 5: 7, 4: 6, then focused mainly on “my brutal knees”.

In a fierce and fast match, both opponents gave nothing to each other from the start, and Gerber was initially slightly surprised by the 24-year-old Spaniard’s poor opposition. The No. 50 in the world, formerly known as a clay court expert, continued to hold against it, and Gerber allowed the vacuum to run again and again with his backhand piece.

Angelique Gerber’s wrist formed in the last sentence of the incredible high class competition. She waved her hand again and again, a few feet causing the familiar awkwardness she felt.

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Nonetheless, Gerber struggled like one of the best times of his career, he showed a performance that should be considered one of his favorites.

Gerber wins high class competition

Gerber served the set for the first time after a 5: 3 break, but trailed quickly by 0:40 in the ninth game. Germany’s Number One blocked these three break balls, but Soribs made a comeback in fourth place. After 70 high school minutes, the Kiel girl used her second set ball 7: 5.

In the second round, Gerber took the initiative early and the Sorbes lost a little of their strength. Gerber opened the square and attacked the lines at will. However, so far nothing has been won, with the Spaniards hitting back and initially scoring 0-2 to make it 2-2. Gerber’s second break was 4: 2 against Sorbes with an immediate rebuttal. (Game for reading on live ticker)

Gerber had a match point at 5: 4, which was stopped by Sorips with a placed piece, who got the second set shortly after. In the third set, Gerber finally gave himself the best result despite obvious problems with his left wrist: more than three hours later, the 2018 Wimbledon winner changed his second match ball.


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