Slaycation Paradise arrives in a physical copy on Nintendo Switch

Saint-Ouen, France – April 29, 2022: Merge gamesDeveloper Affordable Acquisition and others For games only We are excited to reveal that our upcoming 2D Multiplayer Shooter Slaughter paradise It will be available in the physical version for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Fancy a getaway? Our expert team of travel agents located in the heart of the galaxy are ready and waiting to transport you to an alternate land to give you a lifelong business story! Explore beautiful and chaotic holiday destinations with an arsenal of weapons Everyone is included Exotic and brutal weapons for the full firepower feel! Relax and remove all your worries with Slaycation Paradise!

About the murderous paradise:

  • Dual shooting and tower defense! – Taking the best of every genre to create an engaging and addictive gameplay loop where hordes of bloodthirsty enemies await you to feed!
  • Apocalypse ample! – Discover an alternate land all plagued by insane doomsday scenarios perfectly designed for the best family holiday entertainment.

  • Weird and wonderful weapons! – Enjoy a selection of doomsday-resistant weapons, from classic guns and flamethrowers, to strange and adorable cat launchers, magic wands and more.
  • Create your own tower defense setup – All visitors have free access to the Build Assembly Tower allowing you to create custom defense structures anywhere you want. Perfect for all your defense needs against these hordes of zombies! Your group will provide you and your loved ones a higher level of security and let you enjoy every moment of your harrowing stay.
  • Earn Slaycation Club Member Rewards We want to thank our members here at Slaycation Paradise. During your time with us, you’ll earn Slaycation Club rewards, which will allow you to unlock crazy new weapons and cool upgrade perks. Only the best will do for our valued customers!

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Slaycation Paradise will be available in a physical version on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5 during 2022.


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