GNTM star makes a blatant statement about Mats Hummels - 'Yes, we're dating'

GNTM star with stark confession about Mats Hummels – ‘Yes, we’re dating’

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Anne-Katherine Gotze, Kathy Hummels and their partners: These are the 10 best female players in Germany

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The rumor mill has been simmering in Hummels for days now. Join the party: GNTM– Star Celine Bethmann. She is said to be dating Mats Hummels. Now the wife still reports Kathy Hummels Also to talk.

Are you dating now or not? This is a question many former Instagram followers ask themselves GNTMPut a filter. There’s a lot to be said about it: the two dined together twice that Celine even posted a photo from the home of professional soccer player Mats Hummels. Speculation or not: Now the model has commented on the rumors and says very clearly: “Yes, we are dating.”

GNTM star Celine Bethmann confirms rumors about her and Mats Hummels

When journalists from asked her about Mats Hummels at an event on Saturday night, she found the words plain: “Yes, we’re dating.” This confirms all the rumors about the two. She also describes the date with the BVB star as beautiful. So could the two become something serious?

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This GNTMStar Celine Bethmann:

  • She was born on July 4, 1998, thus she is 23 years old
  • In 2017, she won Germany’s Next Topmodel casting program
  • She works as a model and influencer


The answer to the question: No. At least that’s what Mats Hummels’ friend says about “Bild”. In a statement, the friend said: “Mats is no longer in contact with her. A woman who says publicly, ‘Yes, we’re dating’ is not actually going to be the woman Mats is dating. Someone wants to snatch glory.” Hard words!

Now working for Kathy Hummels

In the past, Mats Hummels’ estranged wife has clearly positioned herself on rumors. But now Cathy shoots right at her GNTM– Star Celine Bethmann. She posted an Instagram story linking Mats Hummels and writing “Dinner Date”. Then Kathy posts a post and counter: “Tonight I have a dinner date with Ludwig. No steak and mashed potatoes, but no mama’s vegan lasagna.” Well, if that’s not an advertisement!


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Kathy Hummels’ contribution isn’t just an advertisement against GNTM star Celine Bethmann. The masses are going crazy and celebrating.


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