PMU - Quinté arrives on Monday 6 September at Craon: You had to play Elvis...

quintuple access: 15-16-13-5-3

Even if they had to walk twenty-five metres, the event’s richest competitors were present, thus justifying their “bank account”. patiently driven, Elvis de Vallon (No. 15) Shot by David Thommin at the long right entrance into Kronis. While developing great fights, one of Charles Quiller’s residents won little but sure enough. He is ahead of his eldest son i.e Clark Soto (No. 16). Having benefited from a good run, the latter found himself trapped while competitors were trying to advance outside of him. Once the clip was found, he also had a good ending to the race. After failing to win the event, he finished the race at the helm of the Tour de France for his coach, Loïc Bernard Martin, who stated over the Equidia microphone: “After the slump, he found himself completely on this roof. I was scared straight because he didn’t have the opener but I Happy with his performance.”

It is also very popular among gamblers, tent duel (No. 13) Complete the platform but can not question the superiority of the first two, which have been tried Diego de Cahout (No. 5), finally fourth. If the aforementioned competitors were so prominent, this was not the case withEl Tigre Segah (No. 3), fifth with chances of 28/1.

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