VLA.  Did Azteca TV punish Laura G and Brandon Peniche for controversial PVEM?

Are Azteca TV Laura G and Brandon Peniche of Venga la Alegría punished for violating electoral bans with PVEM? Since yesterday, the news about this possible company punishment for drivers who mentioned the Green Environment Party of Mexico (PVEM) has been circulating in various media and even from many YouTubers – journalists – who specialize in shows. Were they punished? Will they be excluded from the program? What will the punishment be? tell you what we know.

According to the magazine TV Notes a company Azteca TV Laura Gee and Brandon Beinisch will be penalized for supporting the Green Party in the last election when there was a ban.


According to the publication, the hosts of Venga la Alegría They will be punished with a 15-day suspension, Also you will not have to “pay”.

The publication of TV Notes indicated that this decision was made by Sandra Smeister, General Manager of Azteca TV Content. However, neither the TV station nor the director commented on the issue.

Besides that very much Laura G and Brandon Peniche naturally participated in the morning broadcast.


However, this news was not only broadcast by the entertainment magazine, but also by many YouTubers and journalists such as Angélica Palacios and Michel Rubalcaba. Both confirmed that Azteca apparently took action on the matter. However, those directly involved have not denied this news so far.

Mich Rubalcava also spoke about this topic on his YouTube channel:

“I got rumors that Azteca TV punished three of her talents who were seen in the list of people who sold their votes. I’m talking about Brandon Beniche, Regina Morgoya and Laura J.”Youtube said.

Angelica Palacios explained that Laura J would be punished by TV Azteca in the PVEM case:

“LAURA-G TV AZTECA sanctioned her for supporting a political party”, Angelica Palacios Books.


FGR conflicts with celebrities and influencers who “sold” voting for PVEM

FGR stated that it has received many complaints through its citizen service systems, FEDENET and FEDETEL. Federal officials consulted by Milenio reported that more than a hundred complaints had been filed.

“The Office of the Electoral Prosecutor, of the FGR team, has initiated investigations corresponding to these letters, which were widely publicized by the media,” Hinge.

TV presenter Facundo uploaded a video on his social media sites in which he denounced some people approaching him to offer him two million pesos to upload messages of support, a position he opposed and regretted having some characters he didn’t mention. , have accepted.

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Among the influencers who posted messages of support from PVEM on social networks that day, There is a Hui host Raoul Arizah. Pamela Vogel, YouTube; Paulina Hernandez, blogger; Actresses Veronica Montes and Barbara de Rigel; Captain Vegas, player and influencer, and Celia Laura, model and influencer, among others.

It is assumed that at least 80 influencers participated in the alleged campaign.

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