Voice actors will play important roles in the series

At last summer’s games festival there was some news about “The Last of Us”. Including the upcoming series, which will also feature the voice actors of Joel and Ellie.

Last Thursday night’s Summer Games Fest had a few surprises in store for fans of The Last of Us. Some new projects for the post-apocalyptic series have been announced, such as a Remake of the first game For PlayStation 5 and PC. However, there were also a few small bites about the upcoming series.

Druckmann presents a new image and voice actor

Neil Druckman, co-head of developer Naughty Dog, took the podium at The Last of Us show. In addition to the remake of the first game, he also announced another one Indie multiplayer title In a post-apocalyptic world before discussing the upcoming series.

He brought back a new photo from the shoot, which for the first time officially shows the faces of the two protagonists, Joel and Ellie. In the series The Last of Us, the roles are performed by the actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay “Game of Thrones”. In the games, well-known voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson provided their voices for the two characters.

The two voice actors were also present at the Summer Games Festival and joined Neil Druckman for his presentation. Druckmann has announced that Baker and Johnson will also star in the upcoming series The Last of Us. Of course, they will not play the main roles as in the games. However, according to the co-chair of Naughty Dog, her look isn’t just meant to be a “weird cameo,” but it’s something substantial.

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Druckmann, who served as one of five directors on the series, also vowed that the HBO series would be “the most authentic video game adaptation to date.” No date has been announced for the series’ appearance. However, according to director Kantemir Balagov, who directed the pilot episode of The Last of Us, the show is possible. Already appear “early next year”..

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