The Great Animation Competition: That Fatal Mistake of Alessandra Sublette that did not go unnoticed

This Friday, June 3, 2022, broadcast TF1 Great Animation Competition. Alessandra Sublet hosted one of her last shows on the channel. During this evening, I made a huge mistake, which was spotted by netizens.

Last April, the news had the effect of a bombshell in the small world of television. Alessandra Sublet announced that she is leaving the animation for new adventures. “I’m going to leave the costume of my TV hosts. At TF1, it didn’t surprise them any more. In December, I had a chat with Ara Aprikian (Head of Main Program). I told him I wanted to try new adventures.” She revealed, hinting that she would not be at the helm of the many TF1 shows she was in: singer maskAnd the Mystery binaries or It’s cantaloupe.

Furthermore it The departure of the beautiful forties is recorded, the name of his replacement has already been found. This will be, according to information from TVMagAnd the From the group’s journalist Helen Mannarino. The 31-year-old Europe 1 host should take over the show alongside the comedian at the start of the next school year.

“It was worth saying, the deadline has passed.”

Waiting for the final departure of Alessandra Sublet from TF1, the latter appears for one of the last time on the channel as host of the program Great Animation Competition This Friday, June 3rd. The program is broadcast for several years, and the program allows nearly twenty media personalities Compete for general culture questions.

While the first batch of candidates was eliminated, Alessandra Sublette welcomed the outgoing candidates. When it was Virginie Hawk’s turn, the host succeeded Promoting the latest comedy show,”Expires in May 2022History is already gone, on Twitter the Web was quick to note Alessandra Sublette’s mistake.On tour until May 2022 ‘Well, it was worth saying that, the deadline has passed“Can we read. Whoops!

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