Honest Brother puts Stephen Hensler to work - to no avail

Christian Ehrlich gave Henssler his jacket for a short while.Photo: Vox screenshot

Charlotte Zink

This was the last chance Steffen Henssler had to win at least one more time before the end of the season. And what can you say… he used it! On his latest “Grill den Henssler” show this year, he purposely cooked his way to victory on Sunday night. The jury found a version of lamb chops with chestnuts, venison with mushrooms, and banana pudding simply better.

The professional chef only lost one tournament: he was overtaken only by Olympic champion Maria Höfl-Resch at the start. The former skateboarder won an avocado salad with turkey and red couscous. The reason given by the jury (Christian Rush, Rainer Calmond, Mirja Bose) to deduct points from Henssler: the couscous simply wasn’t red enough!

Koch Koch jokes about Höfl-Riesch

The fact that Höfl-Riesch shone all over the place in the kitchen came as a surprise on Sunday. The athlete usually tends to steer clear of the stove, she admitted. “I’d rather have it at a restaurant,” she said of her healthy diet. She really didn’t learn to cook. In a cooking competition against Henssler, Höfl-Riesch was nervous accordingly, as middleware Laura Wontorra revealed.

Despite the tension, Höfl-Riesch did an excellent job.

Despite the tension, Höfl-Riesch did an excellent job.Photo: Vox screenshot

This did not prevent hut coach Alexander Hermann from joking. While Höfl-Riesch was preparing the meal, Wontorra wanted her to know if she had done anything after her professional sports career ended she hadn’t had time before. Even before the former ski racer answered, Hermann intervened from the side:

Höfl-Riesch ignored the deceptive joke and did not allow himself to be bothered. She replied that now she has more time to skate with friends and she enjoys it. Overall, she was adorable as a dog nose on the Sunday night celebrity cooking team and was generally quiet.

Ehrlich Brother simply adds flavor to Henssler

In direct contrast to this were the Ehrlich brothers. They used a cooking show for a show on the show and insisted on moving or evoking the audience at every opportunity. A ten-euro banknote was converted into a hundred for Hessler Zevi Hoan or the audience was invited to a magical arithmetic problem. However, it was less magical when Christian Ehrlich started modifying Hensler’s food.

While his brother Andreas was preparing deer and mushrooms, the younger brothers walked into Hensler’s kitchen and offered him to try on his jacket, and the professional chef joined in the fun and slipped into the wizard’s riveted jacket. “I wouldn’t have thought it would be so heavy,” Hensler commented. Ehrlich used his visit to the opponent’s kitchen to gain a supposed advantage. While Henssler looked distracted, he sprinkled a large portion of what he thought was salt into the sauce. “Not bad,” the professional chef commented calmly. Instead of salt, the magician got sugar.

Hensler sauce is given an extra percentage of sugar.

Hensler sauce is given an extra percentage of sugar.Photo: Vox screenshot

Henssler’s red wine sauce had a sweet note anyway. By the way, the honest brother did not do himself a favor with his unfair hoots. The jury preferred Henssler’s food, because they also thought it was better.

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Is this still the trade break?

DJ David Puentez was the fourth celebrity to cook on Sunday night. But instead of David, he was addressed as Ben. She also knows him privately and thinks it’s too funny to address him by his stage name “David,” Wontorra explained. Was it friendship that made the presenter rave during the show? Not clear! However, the truth is: While the musician was making candy, she never stopped praising his funny presence on social media. “If you’re not a fan yet, subscribe now!” she concluded. “Hoho, the commercials are over!” the DJ joked.

Incidentally, it wasn’t the only shy ad that crept into the show on Sunday. The Ehrlich brothers did not fail to mention their offerings and their magical chest. Hensler also referred well to the frying pans and cookbook. There comes the Christmas spirit!


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