Lena Gercke shows off what she's wearing underneath

Lena Gercke Shows What She’s Wearing Underneath – ‘Don’t Let Yourself Go Blind’

GNTM: ProSieben Show Winners

GNTM: ProSieben Show Winners

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Nobody expects that: Lina Jerky Now she shows her fans on Instagram what she’s wearing underneath. And no, it’s not designer underwear or anything like that. But on the contrary.

On her Instagram story she shows us Lina Jerky Now a before and after picture. In the first photo, she is naturally standing in front of the mirror and presenting her clothes. But in the second photo, she shows herself more clearly with her pants open. Fans may be wondering what it’s all about.

Lena Jerky takes a deep look

Under her elegant outfit, fans can now see this: Lina Jerky She wears heat pads under her stomach. Below you write in English: “Don’t let yourself be blinded.” This means that no matter how good you look, everyone has their ailments. In her case, she may have been wearing thermal patches due to period pain. That is why plasters are commonly used by women.


this Lina Jerky:


Lina Jerkeh: A clear message to her followers

With such deep insight Lina Jerky Explain to their fans that not everything is always as good and beautiful as it may seem from the outside. Even stars like her are only humans at the end of the day. A lovable statement of the model!


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Fans of the model must be very strong. Lena Jerky is now declaring its end.


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