On Saturday, January 8, France 2 channel broadcast its programme Favorite comedians of the FrenchWomen were in the spotlight! At the end of this evening of laughter, which comedian came first in the rankings?

The women were in the spotlight on Saturday January 8th at France 2! in its presentation Favorite comedians of the FrenchLaurence Boccolini has given us a ranking of the 30 best women in France, according to a large national survey. Who by Muriel Robin, Anne Roumanoff, Elodie Poux, Chantal Ladesou, Julie Ferrier, Elisabeth Buffet, Michèle Laroque, Christelle Chollet, Amelle Chahbi, Sandrine Sarroche, Florence Foresti, Chantal Lauby, Valérie Lemercier, Michèle Bernier, Claudia Tagbo is popular or ? Before finding out who was elected the Queen of Humor, several stars followed each other on stage with one goal: to make you laugh!

Many comedians are present

Laurence Boccolini set a date with viewers on a Saturday night under the sign of humor. The greatest traces of female laughter responded to performing her most worshiped cartoon. Michel Larroque, accompanied by her boyfriend, Pierre Palmade, as an explainer parents To please the masses. The new generation of comedians is not left out. Viewers were able to discover a drawing by Elodie Poux Taken from his new show. France 2 also wanted to wink at the female characters embodied by men. Elie Simon has slipped into the skin of one of his most famous characters: Kevin!

The French’s favorite comedy is…

In the lead group, viewers, unsurprisingly, found characters marked by a history of humor. In fifth place we find Valérie Lemercier. Since the end of the 80’s, its female characters have become a legend: Muriel Robin deserved fourth place in the ranking! Blanche Jardin entered the very closed circuit of two favorite French comedians and took third place. Anne Romanoff, who was the guest star of Lawrence Pocolini, comes second in the rankings. but after that , Which comedian comes first? that it … Florence Forest ! For 20 years, she triumphed on stage with cult drawings, like Barbie’s plane. It often takes a gesture or a glance to elicit laughter, so its first place is well deserved!

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