'Back to Rimini' on ARD Live and TV: The tragic comedy premiere

Today, March 19, 2022, “Back to Rimini” is shown on TV. You can read all the information about the TV event here: Is there a live stream online? Will there be a recurrence? You can find out here as well as a recommendation for similar movies!

Return to Rimini at Das Erste
Photo: ARD, carried by FUNKE magazines

Return to Rimini will be shown on TV today, March 19, 2022. You must be on time 20:15 hour at ARD Play it, because that’s when Sarah Winkenstette’s movie will air. If you prefer to watch TV online: ARD also offers online live streaming.

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‘Return to Rimini’ Today on Live and TV: Here’s What Sarah Winkenstette is all about

Rimini – This sounds fun, fun and adventurous. For the three school friends Helmut, Peter and Edgar, the holiday there was unforgettable when they were in their early twenties. As retirees, they take a spontaneous trip to the place of ancient longing. A journey into the past becomes a test of their friendship and an unexpected turning point to reconsider life in its former ways. (Source: ARD, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

Watch the tragic comedy “Back to Rimini” on TV today

Interested in movies like “Back to Rimini”? Then we have another tip for you:

  • 9:45 PM comes on ZDF “Raid”.

Repeat “Back to Rimini” online in the ARD media library and on TV

Won’t you be able to watch “Back to Rimini” today at 8:15 PM? Take a look at the ARD media library. There you will find many TV reports after the online broadcast as video on demand for broadcast. ‘Back to Rimini’ is repeated again on ARD: Am 20.3.2022 a 2:15 pm. As a rule, you will find the program online after it has been broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs.

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“Back to Rimini”: a snapshot of all the cast and info

to: Sarah Winkenstat

With: Karl Fischer, Rainer Bock, Bernard Schutz, Lena Stolz, Miriam Mertens, Sophie Romer, Enzo Salomoni, Giorgio Gobi, Molière Maurizio Tabani and Daniela Giordano

I be: 19.3.2022 (first broadcast)

at: ARD

original title: back to Rimini

script: Kristen Pistorius

camera: Peter Nix

Music: Andrei Milita

Type: drama

Long: 90 minutes (from 20:15 to 21:45)

year of production: 2022

Subtitle: Yes

in high definition: Yes

sound description: Yes

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