The remains of a rapper shot dead by his relatives brought to a club to honor him:

Two weeks ago, rapper Goonew was shot dead in a Maryland parking lot. He was taken to hospital and died of his injuries a few hours later. His family believes he was the victim of an armed robbery, and the police are offering $25,000 to anyone who can provide investigators with more information.

However, his relatives wanted to finally pay him a public tribute, which surprised and even shocked many people on social networks. In fact, the rapper’s body was taken to a box, where he was placed in a protected place.

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So we see his friends and family dancing near the corpse, adorned with a crown, in the chest. This person stands and seems to be watching his loved ones, providing one of the strangest sights you can find on Twitter. However, it can be annoying to watch.

Goonew was actually a shooting victim in 2019. He survived, and confirmed on social media that he’s back and blessed that he’s still there. The artist is best known for releasing Certified Goon in 2017, Big 64 and Goonwick in 2019, and most recently Short Temper in 2021. In February 2022, he unveiled a new single, Back Inna Mix.

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