Sat.1 anchor Ruth Moschner cries on Instagram

Ruth Mochner shares her “post-crying moment” on Instagram.Photo: ruthmoschner / instagram

With “The Masked Singer” or “Letter Battle” Ruth Mohner is known for always putting a good mood and a smile on her face. In her latest Instagram post, the introduction now shows herself from a completely different side: Here she addresses the social stigma of crying in front of others and showcases a photo taken in a very emotional moment.

Ruth Mochner sets an example with ‘The Moment After Crying’

Ruth’s makeup is gone from the photo, and she apparently cried a lot before the photo was taken – and she’s now sharing this moment of vulnerability with her nearly 391,000 followers. “Just let it go… Are you crying? And if so, are you doing it consciously or are you uncomfortable?” She asks her fans and then reveals herself:

“I couldn’t cry, I was embarrassed! Baby crying, crying girl! Shame on you! All terms carry emotions I didn’t want to feel. The more free and mature I became, the more I realized that light and shadow belong together.”

She then describes the photo itself as “the post-crying moment” and also reveals the motivation behind it: “One of the most common questions here is how can I always be in a good mood! And I always answer that I’m not always.” So the picture provides evidence.

In the text, she also emphasizes the importance of mental health, although she does not always succeed in dealing with all personal concerns directly with herself. “Mental health is not a matter of course. For me, that means standing by all my feelings. Of course, I can’t always practice mental hygiene, to let all the feelings live and feel them to the end.”so Ruth.

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Finally, she explained: “Joy, sadness, anger, mercy, happiness, the pain of the world…everything exists. Ignorance and oppression take their revenge with great power.” So in the end she is simply promoting to allow feelings, even if that can be considered “unnice”.

Ruth Mochner: Many fans of the “crybaby team”

“Are you a great team or rather a crying kid in a team?” Then the curator asks her fans, and in the comments the answer seems quite clear: here many users emphasize the effect of cleaning to tears. For example, one follower wrote: “Team is crying… and I’m glad that as a man I can also show feelings. I don’t care what other people think.

There is also feedback from eminent colleagues who have also put themselves in the “crybaby team”. “Sometimes I cry when I’m exhausted and then it’s incredibly fine. And of course I cry when I’m sad or angry,” blogger Vreni Frost says, as actress Mimi Fiedler attempts a visual comparison. It is a soul washing machine. And I run a 90-degree turn often. “


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