Katarina Mihaljevic in the semi-finals
  • After blind auditions, fights and songs, followed by the quarter-finals of “The Voice of Germany”.
  • In the quarter-finals, talents who got this far fight against their teammates: Inside for a place in the next round. There are two places for each team.
  • Summing up everything important for “Voice of Germany” season 11.

im clip: Katarina Mihaljevich sings “Jealous”

She is only 21 years old, and according to her teacher Sarah Connor, she sings like an old soul. Katarina Mikhaljevich managed to impress the audience in the quarter-finals of the “Voice of Germany” and allowed her to go to the semi-finals.

Simple but very impressive

Katarina Mihaljevic wears a simple outfit: a black dress with a belt and dark stockings. She intentionally refrained from appearing pompous because she wanted to focus only on her voice. With the song “Jealous” by Labrinth, she charms not only the coaches, but the entire studio.

After her performance, there was loud applause and coach Sarah Connor is very proud of her student. Katrina and her voice were the focus of the performance and they all loved it. “She has nuances in her voice that bring tears to my eyes,” she explains, touching.

Katrina sings on her way to the semi-finals of “The Voice”

This emotional performance also won the fans at home: Katarina Mikhaljevic was elected to the semi-finals along with Archibe Mbongo Umbang in Sarah’s team and can continue to fight for victory in the “Voice of Germany”.

You can see her performance in the next live show on Sunday December 12, 2021 at 8:15 PM on Saturday 1.

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