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There were times when Benjamin did more than watch movies: he loves Nintendo and Naughty Dog games (“Uncharted” and “The Last Of Us”).

The PlayStation song “The Last Of Us” became a series. Now one of the main supporting characters – smuggler Tess – has been chosen: Anna Turf, who for many years played the lead role in ProSieben, but also in the Netflix series Mindhunter.

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The zombie series “The Last Of Us” is a prestigious upcoming project for HBO. Therefore, the broadcaster is also happy to add sums of the approximate order of magnitude of the “Game Of Thrones” video game adaptation. So it’s fitting that the two main roles have already been cast with stars from the fantasy series: Pedro Pascal (along with “GoT” also the helmeted star in “The Mandalorian”) and Bella Ramsay (better known as the young and brave ruler of Bear Island von Westeros) into roles The main characters are Joel and Ellie. Now, however, the cast has been expanded to include one of the most important supporting characters.

Anna Turf, best known from the sci-fi series “Fringe – Grenzfalls des FBI” and the crime thriller “Mindhunter” on Netflix, slips into the role of fellow longtime smuggler Joel Tess:

Warner Brothers TV / Sony Computer Entertainment انت

Anna Torf in “Fringe – Grenzfalls des FBI” and Tess in “The Last Of Us” video game

For a long time, “Fringe” ran up and down ProSieben. Anyone who watched free TV between 2009 and 2017 must have seen Anna Turf’s face on their TV. Torv landed her second role in the big series a little later in Netflix’ Mindhunter, where she advises agents Ford and Tench as a psychiatrist in their cases.

Tess is an important character in “The Last Of Us” because she was the closest confidant of the main character to Joel for a long time. In the first few chapters, you take the player by the hand and guide him through the world infested with zombie mushrooms. She works with Joel as an escapee and somehow keeps her head above water – no matter what. The apocalypse strengthened Tess, and therefore, if necessary, also walked over the corpses to ensure her survival. When young Ellie suddenly appears, she shows a side full of hope…

This is what “The End of Us” is all about.

The world of “The Last Of Us” has been attacked by a special type of Cordyceps, a type of fungus also found in the real world, hijacking the nervous system of ants and making them, so to speak, helpless slaves. Yes: “Ant-Zombies” are real! look for it Unilateral Ophiocordyceps…

Anyway, this parasite mutated in “The Last Of Us” and now also affects humans. Just as in the zombie apocalypse, anyone who is bitten by an infected person will also be infected. But it is enough to inhale a lot of fungal spores. Only the teenage girl Ellie seems immune. When they meet feisty smuggler Joel, a journey full of dangers begins for the two of them.

On a par with “Game Of Thrones”: “The Last Of Us” is probably one of the most expensive series of all time.

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