Jürgen Drews should help: the verdict is clear!

Jürgen Drews is supposed to help – but his verdict is clear: ‘Really stupid’

Roland Kaiser and Andrea Berg and Co: Millions dance to their popular songs

Roland Kaiser and Andrea Berg and Co: Millions dance to their popular songs

Schlager fans can sing along to their music while they sleep. We bring you some of Germany’s biggest Schlager stars.

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He also made the “King of Mallorca” himself Jürgen Drews A name on the Balearic Island. At the age of 77, his appearance in Megapark has become less, but the successful star can still score thanks to his musical experience.

So it’s no wonder he wants to boost the fame of Detlef Steve “Ab in Beet” with his Vox project “Detlef Go Schlager”. When the work starts and Jürgen Drews Upon hearing his teammate’s songs for the first time, his judgment is unequivocal.

Jürgen Drews gives Schlager’s advice to Detlev Steve and gives a clear verdict

With his horror on TV, Detlef Steves became well known. The Moerser is now a regular guest on various show formats. With the song “Detlef go Schlager”, he now wants to take on a new challenge and perform his own songs at Ballermann.


this Jürgen Drews:


Artistic director Marcus Kramp invites Jürgen Drews to the recording studio to help Detlev with his project. When the hit star heard Detlev’s song “Baggerloch,” his verdict was harsh: “That’s really stupid, Mallorca party.”

Jürgen Drews Hands Hammer Praise to Detlef Steves on Vox

However, Jürgen Drews reacted more enthusiastically to the single “Definitiv”. There are a lot of praise for this. “Believe it or not: I would have done that title too,” Jürgen Drews says.

The spontaneous visit has another surprise at the Detlev Steves store. “I expect you to do a really cool remake. I rap too,” declared Jürgen Drews. With these words, Marcus Kramp’s heart as director rises and says: “What happened here today is the masterplan.”


More successful news:


Jürgen Drews isn’t the only person who wants to help Detlev. Juliette Schopman’s RTL fame is also available. Vox will show how the theatrical duo is going, whether their training with Juliet was a success and how they greeted their audience on Sunday (July 3) at 7:10pm on TV and online at the media center on RTL+.

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