Danilo Carrera confirma reconciliación con Michelle Renaud y asegura estar más enamorado que nunca

Michel Renaud NS Danilo Carrera They ended their engagement at the beginning of 2021, however, the great affection they maintain led them to continue living together, which has fueled speculation about a possible reconciliation. That’s why the heart of the soap opera was questioned about his recent appearance with the actress and her son Marcelo, where He confirmed that he is more in love than ever.

Although on several occasions the couple were caught in compromising situations, traveling and living together as a real family, neither of them confirmed whether there was actually a reconciliation, even though their followers on social networks were indeed real due to their displays of affection.

Although they haven’t made it official, it was during a recent interview with Televisa Espectáculos, where The Ecuadorean has finally admitted that he has already resumed his engagement to Michel Reno And that their last appearance together only shows the love that he feels not only for her, but also for Marcelo, the actress’s son.

“Marcelo is the most beautiful thing on the planet, so As long as I can spend time with him, put a smile on his face, I’ll take a chance, and wanted to get dressed and go eat and we took the opportunity to do so, and Give him a magical day’,” he explained after the three of them dressed as superheroes appeared a few days ago, dancing and having fun together.

But to the direct question of whether there was really a reconciliation, the hero of the novel “Quererlo Todo” was proven and he just had to accept it, making it clear that he is very fond of.

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He replied, “Very very (in love) more than ever.”

In this way the artist can only express his happiness when he talks about it Renault, whom he described as a charming woman who is always well.

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