“Let’s dance”
Renே Casselli “Dancing Star 2022”!

Renென Casselli is with Katherine Mensinger "Dance star 2022".

Renே Caselli is the “Dancing Star 2022” with Katherine Mensinger.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Three Celebrities, Nine Final Dances and One End: Ren தற்போதைய Casselli won the current season of “Let’s Dance”.

Three more celebrities battled for the title of “Dancing Star 2022” on Friday. After a four-hour live show, it became clear: Rene Casselli (25) and her dance partner Katherine Mensinger (33) Get the trophy in the current “Let’s Dance” season. Prior to that, he had to compete in the RTL against both John Ullman (40) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (34) and Matthias Meister (35) and Renata Lusin (34) (In RTL +) Three dances on the TV floor once again.

“Your hips, Chiga – as in Cuba”

At the jury dances, the celebrities were a little more excited, but it soon became clear that it would be the final match at the highest level. Evaluator Janin Ulman, along with Zsolt Sándor Cseke, sought to persuade the arbitral tribunal of Motsi Mabuse (41), Joachim Llambi (57) and Jorge González (54) to be the first candidate.

“Your hips, like in Chiga-Cuba,” Gonzalez exclaimed. Lamby was “a little over” but, despite being a little indifferent, her cha-cha-cha still had 27 good points. According to Mapus, Matthias Meister later teamed up with Renata Lucin to “give his best”, and Lambi also saw a “crazy increase” in the dance couple’s first rumba this season: 24 points! Leading the way was circus performer and “ninja warrior” Caselli, who scored 28 points for Sa-Sa-Sa with Mensinger.

In the second round, the couple must dance to each celebrity’s favorite dance. Ulman picked an emotional contemporary who scored 29 points for him. “It was great,” Mabus said excitedly – like Meister, his best performance throughout the season so far was at Paso Doble. According to Lambie, he also had 30 points on the scoreboard because he “delivered without errors”. After Caselli’s tango, many viewers and viewers in front of the television sets realized that the competition would be very difficult. Since 30 total points was not enough, the performance was so solid that Lamby did not want to rate it.

“I have no words”

Then the final freestyle was on the agenda. Of the last three popular dances of the season, not only the artist, but also Ulman and the Master did not stop the jury. Gonzalez saw pure “Sika Power” on the presenter and the athlete’s appearance was “pure fun”.

As Lamby explains, an acrobatic fireworks display between Casselli and Mensinger’s best feelings and clean shots is “a worthy end to this season”. To him, the 25-year-old gave “the best performance” that evening. Tears fell on the unspoken Mapus: “I have no words.” Although all the celebrities scored 30 points each in that final round, it was clear to everyone that Caselli would win.

Meister was finally able to finish third, while Ulman won silver. Shortly before the final, RTL announced that Daniel Hardwich, 43, was “sick”. That’s why John Copen (39) was able to congratulate this year’s winner along with his fellow appraiser Victoria Swarovski (28).

But the dance fun is not over. On May 27, RTL will air “Let’s Dance – The Big Professional Challenge” from 8:15 pm, in which viewers will determine one of the professional dancers’ winners. In addition The show will go live again in the fall of 2022It will feature three finalists and previously expelled celebrities Sarah Mangyon (32) and Mike Singer (22).


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