Daniela Alvarez and lovable photos with Daniel Arenas: Even Carolina Cruz commented

This Tuesday, Daniela Alvarez presented the foundation that bears her name, through which she seeks to empower people with disabilities so that they can once again believe in dreams and in life. During the event, she can be seen very loving Daniel Arenas


Only a few days ago, the actor himself confirmed his engagement with Daniela Alvarez, after the relationship rumors became stronger. “God put it in my way,” Daniel Arenas said afterwards.

And during the last event, the turn was for Daniela Alvarez, who dedicated her emotional words to “the love of my life” and spoke about her desire to start a family.

They say that when a door closes the universe opens and that’s true. I lost my leg, but I never lost my dreams, and unexpectedly, What I asked God the most came in my life: a loving and wonderful man with whom we could, if they would allow us, build our house, the dream I longed most.”Said the presenter during the inauguration of the Daniela Alvarez Foundation.

The video of the event they were seen in Daniela Alvarez

And Danielle Arenas is very affectionate, she posted herself on Instagram and there they received a lot of comments from their followers.

“I love you, my angel. Thank you for teaching us so much, thank you for living to fill us with life. You inspire me every day, you fill me with your eternal love, any pride and blessing that is part of your path, you are also the love of my life. Thank you God for our miracle,” actor Daniel Arenas wrote in the post.

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Among the thousands of reactions the video got, netizens didn’t miss a reaction Broadcaster Carolina Cruz,

Who some time ago had a notorious relationship with Daniel Arenas.

“Tesaaaa, beautiful we adore you and admire you!” , Carolina Cruz highlighted and also referred to the relationship between Daniela Alvarez and Daniel Arenas: “Love to see you with @danarenas It was worth the wait!! Fantastic.”


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