“I'm going to get in trouble…”  Biden increasingly confused: what he told reporters

As Americans return to the polls scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, the psychological state of Americans will change Joe Biden He began to worry voters and representatives of the Democratic Party more and more.

If on the one hand Donald Trump She appears unstoppable in the Republican primary, having amassed widespread support almost everywhere and outmaneuvered fellow presidential candidate Nikki Haley, to the point of convincing her to give up and drop out of the race, for one. It seems that the current President of the United States of America is losing momentum every day in a more noticeable way. Moreover, just a few hours after his publicist vehemently defended his mental health condition.

The latest incident occurred yesterday, during a conference at which a new taxpayer task force was presented, which should be responsible for reducing the burden of the cost of living on American families. Biden's response, which sent chills down Democratic voters' spines, began even before the president picked up the microphone to speak.“I have a lot of questions”The 81-year-old head of state muttered, then grabbed the microphone and added again: “I'd better not start with questions, I might get in the way problem. Silence prevailed in the press hall, and some journalists were unable to hide their smiles. The President then let out an uneven sigh into the microphone, returned it to the table, and continued to maintain his fixed, absent-minded gaze with his mouth half-open.

The attendees' attempts to extract more statements from Biden were unsuccessful, to the point that after this unfortunate exit, journalists began leaving the room.“Oh my God. This guy's not okay.”former Democratic Party election consultant Peter Dow commented on X.

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Biden's unusual behavior comes just hours after the spokeswoman's statement Bianca Karine Jean-Pierre He rebuked a reporter who asked why the president constantly uses sticky notes in his public announcements. There was no hint about Biden's mental health, but his press secretary did say:“Are you angry because the president has notes? Are you asking me a question about whether the president has notes with notes? A president who probably had one of the most successful first three years of any modern president's administration?”“The woman responded angrily. “In his first three years, he did more than most two-term presidents.”he added, “I think what's important here and what the American people care about is how this president performs for them. That's the most important thing here.”


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