Apple less conciliatory and less conciliatory, employees threaten to resign

The company at Apple wants its employees to return to the office and is making remote work more and more difficult to use.

Clearly, Apple doesn’t want the next world. The company at Apple is already encouraging its employees to return to the office in September at least 3 days a week to highlight the progress made in vaccination. Employees, for their part, want to preserve the global recourse to remote work.

And for several weeks, the situation was tilting more and more between strict management and young employees threatening to leave the company.

In fact, according to information from insiders the edgeHowever, Apple has increasingly denied requests to work remotely by imposing strict conditions. Even one-time exceptions will be rejected.

Request for medical certificates

The employees also stated that the company in the Apple had asked employees who wanted a 100% work-at-home method to provide it with a medical file justifying the use of remote work.

Resentment continues to mount and in the Slack channel which has 6,000 members, more and more employees are indicating they were willing to quit if Apple continued with its logic. These employees also highlight an internal survey showing that at least 90% of them want flexibility.

The request is more legitimate in their opinion as Apple’s performance for a year has not suffered from remote work implementation. On the contrary, the company once again recorded record results. The employees even sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking for changes, but all these requests were denied رفض

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Apple continues to maintain that face-to-face work is essential and expects everyone to be back in the office soon.

balance of power

However, the balance of power is on the side of Apple employees. In fact, the strong demand for technical files allows these professionals to consider moving and choose a new job according to new criteria, such as the possibility of flexibly working remotely.

A trend illustrated in a Citrix study that rigorously examines the aspirations of “digital natives” and employees of the newest and most connected generation. 90% of them say they don’t want to go back to the office full time after the pandemic, and prefer a hybrid model.

Among French employees of these generations, 27% would like a hybrid work model with more time at home than in the office and 34% would like to work all the time from home. Only 7% would like to stay in the office full time.

Oliver Schechbortich Journalist at BFM Business


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