Election 2021: catch up on our big election night from 7pm in partnership with viàOccitanie

viàOccitanie, in partnership with La Dépêche du Midi, Midi Libre, L’Indépendant and Center Presse, is mobilizing all editorial staff to cover the 2021 Provincial and Territory elections by organizing a live major election evening from 13 districts in the region, on Sunday 20 June.

From 7 pm, the viàOccitanie will take the antenna on the set for four hours from the headquarters of الرئيسي free back in San Jean de Vidas. As of eight in the evening, the announcement of the first estimates of the results, especially in the cities with high electoral stakes, as well as the balance of power of the various political currents in Occitanie.

The findings and issues will be commented on and analyzed by political scientists Michel Crespi and Jean-Michel Ducomte, as well as by editors and journalists at No depeche du midiAnd the free backAnd the independent And 100% radio.

They will welcome those responsible for regional political life, both on the ground and on the duplex, to discuss and analyze these results and decipher the challenges of the first round of provincial and territorial elections.

Experience the 2021 elections in the region, from 7 pm to 11 pm, in viàOccitanie (channel 30 on boxes – 31 or 33 on TNT), on viaoccitanie.tv, ladepeche.fr, midilibre.fr, l’Independant.fr and centrepresse .fr.
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