France, opinion polls: The National Rally is ahead, awaiting the first television debate

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The right-wing bloc remains in the forefront, followed by the “New Popular Front,” which unites the spirits of the left. The macroscopic mass is separated

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PARIS – The latest opinion poll conducted by the Ifop/Le Figaro Institute indicates a The National Rally (plus the pro-Ciotti right) is in the lead with 34 percentThis is a noticeable jump of 15 points more than in the legislative elections just two years ago. Behind the bloc of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, which now also includes Marion Maréchal who has returned to her family, there The leftist New Popular Front made up of Mélenchon followers, and Glucksmann socialists, environmentalists and communists.Which rises to 29 percent. In third place comes the central bloc of Macronites, trailing by 22 percent. “But for Macron's men, this is the first ray of sunshine in a long time,” says Al Figaro Poll head Frédéric Daby —. “The current majority may have some hope, even if they remain in third place for now.”

What is not known is the strength of the leftist coalition, the National Front Party, which is united only by a common desire to block the path to the National Rally Party. The divisions are not only between Glucksmann's moderate socialist spirit and the extremist spirit of proud France, but also within the latter party, where François Ruffin has distanced himself from Jean-Luc Mélenchon and can compete with him for the position of candidate for prime minister. Tuesday is the first televised duel between Bardella, Attal, and the national coordinator of the National Union PartyManuel Bombard.

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June 21, 2024

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