Omicron spreads in New York, 90,000 infections in 24 hours.  Also booming in Latin America

From New York to Latin America, from Europe to the Middle East, Omicron never stops running. According to the voices of daily records, driven by the severe infection of the variant, the world is facing an avalanche of positives – more than 2 million per day on average in the first week of the year. But if cases do emerge, deaths appear to be slowing, with an average of 6,237 victims per day since the start of the year, to a 15-month low, raising hopes that the new strain will be less deadly, especially among vaccinated people. In New York, more than 90,000 new positive results were recorded in the past 24 hours – the highest level since the beginning of the epidemic – and 154 deaths were recorded. In some neighborhoods, the positivity rate is as high as 35%, nearly five times levels last winter, with a peak close to 50% in the Bronx.

A situation that inevitably puts the hospital system in a growing emergency situation, nearly 12,000 hospitalizations. Injuries also fly to Mexico – the fifth most affected country in the world in terms of the number of victims after the United States, Brazil, India and Russia – and Peru, where new records were recorded with more than 30 thousand and 16 thousand cases, respectively. in one day. And in Africa, it has exceeded 10 million cases, according to the data of the African Union Ministry of Health, which also includes more than 231,000 victims. Among the countries worst affected is South Africa, where Omicron was discovered at the end of November.

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Absolute new peaks also in the Philippines (28,707 new infected), where President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to arrest people who did not respect the lockdown. The variant is also prevalent in the Middle East, with records in Kuwait and Qatar, where some restrictions have been reimposed, and cases have tripled in a week in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the decline in injuries in the United Kingdom continues for the fifth consecutive day, after it recorded more than 200 thousand on Tuesday, which gives hope for a final decline of the curve. And while the virus evolution continues to be monitored, with a magnifying glass on potential new strains such as Deltacron, the Deltacron and Omicron mix identified in Cyprus, the pressure on boosters is relentless. From February 1, in Greece, anyone who has not received the third dose 7 months after the second dose will be considered by the authorities as having not been vaccinated. (Dealing)


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