Qatargate, Panzeri and Vega Talamanca still in jail – Europe

Pierre Antonio Panzeri and Nicolò Vega Talamanca are still in prison. In fact, the Brussels Court of Appeal decided to annul the first instance decision on granting Electronic bracelet Vega Talamanca (the public prosecutor lodged an appeal) and extended the pre-trial detention. At Panziri’s request, the session was postponed to 17 January. session as in the case Eva Kylie, former vice-president of the European Parliament, has been held behind closed doors. The decision was communicated by the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office. Francesco GiorgiKylie’s mate, did not appeal.

Meanwhile they appear New details On the scandal that swept the European Parliament. Reading the talks of “Panziri Objections,” one fully understands how Panziri’s group managed They move like dolls Some parliamentarians, especially Italians, ”says one of them Republic article On eavesdropping in the hands of Belgian judges. “With some of them,” the paper continues, “they speak directly by telephone to indicate the interventions they are to make. To congratulate them after passing through the hall. For the time being the names of these deputies are covered as required by law., by ‘omissis’ but if the permission given by Parliament for their release will arrive, a new avalanche will come from the mountain. Always Italian.

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