Funerali Elisabetta, per Biden posto in 14esima fila nell abbazia. Ecco perché era così "dietro" a Westminster

According to some estimates, four billion people, anywhere in the world, attended the funeral Queen Elizabeth II. A long farewell gathered about 2,000 people at Westminster Abbey, including 500 dignitaries from 200 countries and 100 heads of state and government. In addition to the President of the Republic Sergio MattarellaTo Jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Frank Walter Steinmeier, Emperor Naruhito of Japan and many others, among the ranks of Westminster, namely in the fourteenth grade President of the United States Joe BidenAccompanied by his wife, Jill Biden. In front of him is the Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Joe Biden arrives in Westminster

Biden was, for security reasons, the only one of the top political leaders to reach Westminster by the presidential car: other heads of state and government used the shuttle. No one, except the President of the United States, has been authorized to use private vehicles.

Sitting arrangement in the monastery

At the moment of the party, many noticed the behavior Joe Biden In the fourteenth grade. As the Daily Mail explains, citing the Telegraph, the post of US President was the result of Decision of the royal protocol: The representatives of the Commonwealth countries were entitled to the front lines. It’s also why, for example, Biden and the first lady find themselves sitting seven rows behind the Canadian prime minister. Justin Trudeau.

The most important moments of Elizabeth II’s funeral

Donald Trump’s attack on Joe Biden

Long-term plan did not prevent a Donald Trump To seize the opportunity to attack his successor. As reported by The Telegraph, through a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump stated that if he were still in office, he would still be ahead, adding that this is a clear indication that the US position has worsened since Biden came along. to power as president.

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The Telegraph also explains that Joe Biden entered Westminster about ten minutes after the protocol time for leaders to enter the Abbey, due to traffic encountered along the road, and for safety reasons.

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